Our Facilities

We have access to a range of robot platforms including a Dingo holonomic mobile base, Locobot, Kinova Jaco lite, Jaka Zu 7 and MiniCobo, Franka Emikas, Boston Dynamics Spot, MiRo and Csjbot Alice, Haption Virtuose amongst others, a range of sensor systems including a Vicon Tracker, OpenHab based instrumented test areas, as well as a workshop area and technical support to enable prototyping.

We have access to a fully instrumented Living Lab Studio Space

We also have a Hospital Ward room to enable testing in a realistic environment


The HEART-MET cascade campaign Dataset

This dataset relates to the METRICS HEART-MET Assistive Robot Challenge at IROS 2022, which will be conducted entirely online based on datasets.


Three challenges are included in this competition: gesture recognition, activity recognition, and handover failure detection.

The gesture and activity recognition datasets comprise of short video clips of persons performing different gestures and activities in domestic environments, which need to be recognized. The datasets also contain out-of-distribution (OOD) samples, including corrupted and irrelevant videos - therefore the task requires detection of OOD samples as well.

The handover failure detection dataset consists of video and force-torque data from two robot platforms performing robot-to-human and human-to-robot handovers. The task is to detect the outcome of the handover action, including several failure modes which are induced during execution.