Meet the Team

Praminda Caleb-Solly, Professor of Embodied Intelligence, CHART Research Group Lead

Praminda Caleb-Solly

Professor of Embodied Intelligence
CHART Research Group Lead

Nikhil Deshpande

Associate Professor Robotics and AI

Lucas Fonseca

Assistant Professor Assistive Robotics

Alex Turner, Assistant ProfessorIntelligent Sensing

Alex Turner

Assistant Professor
Intelligent Sensing

Ayse Kuculyilmaz, Assistant Professor Robotics

Ayse Kucukyilmaz

Associate Professor

Aly Magassouba

Assistant Professor Robotics and AI

Luis Figueredo

Transitional Assistant Professor Assistive Robotics

Matt Luckcuck

Transitional Assistant Professor Computer Science

Armaghan Moemeni, Assistant ProfessorMachine Vision and Ambient Intelligence

Armaghan Moemeni

Assistant Professor
Machine Vision & Intelligent Sensing

Jeremie Clos

Assistant Professor
Data Science & Machine Learning

Joy Egede

Transitional Assistant Professor 

Computer Vision & Biomedical Engineering

Horia Maior, Transitional Assistant Professor

Horia Maior

Transitional Assistant Professor

Human-Computer Interaction

Dominic Price (Horizon and TAS), Researcher

Dominic Price
CMS Manager and Research Fellow

Simon Castle-Green, Technical Manager

Simon Castle-Green

Technical Manager

Liz Felton

Teaching Associate

Rebekah Moore, Project Manager

Rebekah Moore

Project Manager


Harriet "Alfie" Cameron

Anna-maria Piskopani (Horizon), Researcher

Anna-Maria Piskopani Horizon

Khairidine Benali

Feng Zhou
Embodied Trust in AI TAS Dance

Pepita Barnard Horizon and TAS

PhD Students

Adam Biggs

Modelling Human-Robot Interaction in Social Spaces

Jialin Chen

Digital Twins for Human-Assistive Robot Teams

Ali Dagli

Exploring Spine Kinematics, Gait and EMG in Individuals with Pain

Yuhe Gong

Robotic Manipulation and Human-Robot Interaction 

Angela Higgins

Adapting Assistive Robot Design and Behaviour to Support Pain Management 

Gabriel Leach

Intelligent Sensing in Smart Environments for human activity recognition to support self-management of long-term conditions

Victor Ngo

Robotics and AI as
Creative Live Art Installations

Gift Odoh

Teleoperated and Autonomous Robotics for Nuclear Decommissioning

Daniel Torres Ruiz

Haptic guidance for motor training

Ahmet Bugra Selvi

Optimal Protocol of Hybrid Assistive Limb-Based Gait Rehabilitation in Stroke Patients 

Ziling Wu

Adaptive Machine Learning for Semantic Segmentation in Assistive Robotic Applications 

Salim Maaji

Autonomous Multi-Drone Exploration for Remote Hydrocarbon Sensing

Associate Members

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