CHART in Action

CHART Members at the UK-RAS Lab Live Event 2023 in the CMS. Read about this demo here

CHART at the Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition 2023

UK Robotics podcast with Prof Praminda Caleb-Solly on Robotics in the Home: Recorded Live on the 24th of June 2022

Podcast ‘Living with AI: Telepresence the Human in the Robot’, 5th July 2023. Praminda Caleb-Solly discusses the Digital Twins for Human-Assistive Robot Teams project, Ayse Kucukyilmaz the Cognitive HumAn in the looP TEleopeRations (CHAPTER) project and Horia Maior the TAS ART project: 


We are organising a workshop at IROS to bring to light the current and envisioned robotic solutions in the context of Geriatronics and to raise awareness among  policy-makers with new generation of robotics and AI technology to address recent challenges stemming from the increasing shortage and geographic disparities of care providers and the overburdened health-care. We will discuss how accessible, intelligent assistive robotics technologies can enhance independence and self-determination for people with lived experience of disability and how research can be directed to improve adaptation, interaction, and acceptance? 

For more details on the programme and to submit papers please visit the workshop web page.

October 2023, Detroit, USA

Our ICRA 2023 Workshop on Multidisciplinary Approaches to Co-Creating Trustworthy Autonomous Systems will bring together academics and industry practitioners from a wide range of disciplines and backgrounds (including robotics, engineering, AI, computer science, social science, humanities, design, and law). We are open and welcoming to researchers from the autonomous agents and multi-agent systems community.

29 May 2023, London, UK

Rehabilitation Technologies Network+ (RTN) Challenge Workshop and Funding Opportunity

We look forward to welcoming researchers, clinicians, technicians, industry and patient representatives to our in-person workshop in July. Participants will help identify research priorities and questions of central interest, as well as potential disruptive technologies and solutions to clinical challenges. Up to £100,000 of RTN funding will be made available to fund interdisciplinary feasibility studies arising from these workshops.

Please complete the short application form by 5pm on 8th May to join us by visiting our Network Activities page.

5th - 6th July 2023, 2 day workshop with overnight stay provided

The Jubilee Hotel & Conferences, Jubilee Campus, Nottingham, NG7 2TU

Turing Knowledge Cafe at the Cobot Maker Space, Nottingham

Participate in this Knowledge Cafe to understand how intelligent assistive robots work, data they use, potential benefits and ethical issues

Book a ticket on Eventbrite: 

15th September 2022 4pm to 7pm

METRICS Competition - Call for Participation

The Healthcare Robotics Technologies - Metrified (HEART-MET) competition aims to address the growing age-related healthcare costs and quality of life problems, which threaten the stability and safety of the social security systems in charge of paying and maintaining high quality of healthcare. The competition addresses tasks that may directly impact the user's well-being, in a complex and unstructured domestic environment. This implies the use of a wide variety of functionalities, and requires a strict validation of the safety of the robotic behaviours. Assistive robots from different universities across Europe will compete to solve challenges. The robots are evaluated on functionalities such as object and person detection, activity and gesture recognition and object handover, which are required to complete tasks such as assessing the activity state of a person, delivery items to a person and preparing, etc. The competition is organised as part of the METRICS project. 

3rd to 7th October  2022, Nottingham, UK 

Latest News

Al-Saadi, Z., Hamad, Y. M., Aydin, Y., Kucukyilmaz, A., & Basdogan, C. (2023). Resolving Conflicts During Human-Robot Co-Manipulation. HRI '23: Proceedings of the 2023 ACM/IEEE International Conference on Human-Robot InteractionMarch 2023. pp. 243–251.